Emergency Housing Assistance

Emergency housing assistance may be available to help individuals or families with various housing needs, such as helping households who are at-risk of becoming homeless or helping people who are currently homeless.

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Do you Qualify?

Because there are many different emergency assistance programs available and the guidelines for eligibility vary for each program, the best way to find out if you are eligible is to contact us.

How to Apply?

Please contact us for an application or for an appointment. We will need to determine your need and eligibility to decide which program you qualify for.

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Looking for a place to rent?

You may go to http://www.lewistownnews.com to view any available rental units in the City of Lewistown, MT. You may also contact us for other listings or other local contacts that may have available rental units.

Renters may also go to http://mthousingsearch.com to search the entire state of Montana for available rental units.